Bungie Software studio

American producer (and the publisher) of video games, which specializes in creating desktop consoles and personal computers. Currently, the company employs over 750 employees and its head is Pete Parsons. The most famous titles developed by this team include games from the Halo series and the Destiny 2 PC Download series, as well as the first two parts of the once popular Myth series.

Bungie Software studio

Long way to fame:

Long history dates back to the early 90s, when Alex Seropian, a graduate of the University of Chicago, created his first game. I’m talking about the clan of the legendary baptized Gnopa Pong! Who spread it for free. After some time, the original plans to move the Minotaur to three dimensions were abandoned and work began on the pathways into Darkness, a first person shooter that hit the shelves in 1993. The title met with a warm reception from the players and reviewers, winning a number of prestigious awards. The sales success provided Jones and Seropian with an injection of cash sufficient not only to move to a real office, but also to hire a different person – talk about Dougu Zartman, who after some time joined the team members from 1994. become a person responsible for public relations.

Due to the fact that Pathways into Darkness gained the recognition of players, the natural reaction of the creators was the desire to develop a sequel. Nevertheless, over time the project began to evolve, which eventually turned into another FPS – Marathon. Like the earlier production of Bungie, the Marathon could boast of an extensive feature film; in addition, the title introduced to the genre a number of mechanisms that have been embedded in it for many years; I am talking, among other things, about the so-called “rocket jump” (known as “jumping grenades”), as well as the possibility of looking around vertically with the mouse. The high sales of the Marathon meant that the authors decided to continue, which debuted on November 24, 1995, interrupting the sales records established by its predecessor. For comparison, the game was richer, among other things, the mode of cooperation.

Halo Series






Team decided to take a break from the FPS genre and devote to working on a strategic game. We’re talking about the production of Myth: The Fallen Lord, which went on sale in July 1997. In contrast to most typical RTS, players did not have to worry about raw materials during the game – the core of the fight were battles with enemy units, and the victory depended, among other things, on the development of our soldiers, collecting experience on the battlefield.

In the same year, the studio opened its second branch, located in Bungie West, California. Ghost in the shell. Ghost in the shell. Ghost in the shell. The players played the role of an agent whose task was to penetrate the criminal syndicate and destroy it from the inside. The year 1998 brought the premiere of the Myth series with the subtitle Duszo┼╝erca. Soon before the premiere, it was not possible to get the most out of the production on the market. Losses of almost a million dollars.