First edition of Destiny

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First edition of Destiny was one of the most-anticipated prime premieres of 2014, and now we also know that it has been a great success.

First Destiny is a title with amazing quality. Every single note from the soundtrack, every location and every element of the interface screams to us that the production did not run out of artists or even more money. When we jump into the shoes of our character, there is even more evidence, because the game is extremely smooth and it gives a lot of fun right away. It is precise, elegant and with momentum. You can be fooled that it will be a great game.

The task structure is one of the nails of the First edition of Destiny coffin. While at the first contact with the new location we feel a certain fascination, with each subsequent landing in exactly the same place the game reveals its shallowness. The maps are beautiful, but empty – inhabited only by groups of enemies, who always appear in identical configurations and branch in the same areas. The charm of mysterious areas where secrets and riddles lurk quickly splashes, and the next visit to a well-known spot makes them more annoyed than delightful.

The second problem of fictional missions is … the plot itself. Forgive the spoiler, but from the beginning to the end of the story nothing worthwhile is happening. It does not help the fact that the history of the universe is also limping – Bungie sweeps the curiosities about the world under the carpet, allowing them to be read only on their website, which is not a big loss anyway. Dialogues are extremely weak, and the pace of the story cries out for vengeance to heaven. For each map, there is really one event pushing the story forward, and the rest of the missions are fillers like “we did not know much, but at least we overcame a dangerous enemy”.¬†In the second part of the game is very refined learn how to download Destiny 2¬†Fortunately, there are two things that save the situation a bit. The first is the already mentioned core of the game, i.e. the model of shooting and moving.

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Even the extreme state of embarrassment with history can not take away the satisfaction of exterminating opponents. Thanks to several types of weapons, double-jump capabilities and special skills, we have a lot of opportunities to create effective actions. The second thing is that story missions do not have a monopoly to give our character experience points. Yes, they form most of the content, but you can quickly vary the gameplay with other modes. And this is Destiny’s true salvation.