Full Series Game Destiny

Destiny is a series of first person shooter games with an addition of MMO and RPG elements. The Full Series Game Destiny combines a science fiction atmosphere with fantasy elements: players take on futuristic warriors using both firearms and supernatural powers. The main occupation here is to eliminate soldiers of alien races that serve the ancient cosmic Darkness. While performing missions, even feature ones, we can encounter other players and cooperate with them. The game is accompanied by known from the erpegs getting better and better copies of weapons and armor, as well as climbing to the next levels of experience and unlocking new skills.

Games from the Destiny series are developed by Bungie Software studio (the creator of the famous Halo series) and published by Activision Blizzard. Part one was released in September 2014, only on consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game received four additions: The Dark Below in December 2014, House of Wolves in May 2015, The Taken King in September 2015 and Rise of Iron in September 2016. The first three were released on the same consoles as the basic game, while the Rise of Iron only on PS4 and XONE. All four extensions (along with the basic game) were included in a special Destiny: The Collection package, released in September 2016 on PS4 and XONE. The full-fledged sequel of Destiny 2 was released in September 2017 on PS4 and XONE, and in October of the same year also on computers and is available here.


Full Series Game Destiny Game Overview:

Games from the Full Series Game Destiny are embedded in the distant future, in the XXVIII century. Some time ago humanity made contact with the Traveler – a huge flying sphere, which decided to help the inhabitants of the Earth in exploration of the cosmos and beyond. With the help of a Traveler, people colonized other planets, extended their lives, and for many centuries enjoyed their Golden Age. However, the period of happiness ended with the advent of Darkness – an ancient enemy against the Traveler. There was a terrible war in the solar system that almost completely destroyed humanity. The traveler managed to banish the Darkness, but he himself was seriously damaged and froze without moving just above the surface of the Earth.

Under the immobile traveler, humanity built the Last City. City security is protected by Guards – people endowed with a Supernatural, even magical skills. With their powers and advanced firearms, the Guardians set off from the City to face the unfriendly alien races that, after the great war, spread throughout the entire Solar System. Adventures in which we have the opportunity to participate take us not only to the devastated areas of the Earth, but also to Venus, Mars and other celestial bodies. In the second part of the cycle, one of the foreign races invades the Last Town and closes the Traveler in a technological cage. The guards are cut off from the source of their powers and together with the remnants of humanity they must regroup in the wild regions of the Earth.