Review Game Destiny 2

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The Review Game Destiny 2 was based on the PS4 version.


Destiny 2 is in a sense a restart of the game to attract new players and at the same time an experimental evolution of the production being developed for three years. At the moment, the emphasis was on the former. What is the halo, and what is not a halo in the new game of Halo creators?

The first edition of Destiny from 2014 tried to combine the best features of a shooter, MMO and RPG. Only the first was successful in this bold mixture. Residual and hard to put together the plot and repeat endlessly just a few of the side activities on the empty maps have nothing to do with the boastful announcements of the creators. Instead of serving an extensive cosmic story, the first Destiny turned out to be a fuss in science fiction climates that failed to meet huge expectations. For the creators of Bungie, however, it was not the end of the adventure with his work, but the beginning. Over the next three years, this production, along with numerous patches and extensions, has evolved in the direction of a better and richer game. The contents of the endgame were added, the mechanisms governing the promotion of the character and the operation of the economy were changed. All this has a significant impact on how Destiny 2 can be picked up today.

Compared with the premiere version of the predecessor, the “double” is solid, improved in every aspect and making a lot of fun sequel. However, if you have spent the last three years in this universe and observed any changes, the second part will release you only the next stage of this evolution – similar, slightly richer, in a nicer package and with all the changes in the plus. Destiny 2 stands in straddle between trying to attract new players and welcoming loyal fans. There are many indications that at least this time the focus was on the first group.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Game:


  • wasted potential of a story campaign;
  • repeatable structure of many missions, lack of new play mechanisms;
  • controversial changes in the characters’ abilities and attributes of weapons;
  • after all, a bit too easy for too long.



  • still the same great model of shooting and control over the character;
  • no need for tedious grinding to get a better level and equipment;
  • new, climatic and diverse locations;
  • soundtrack that fits well on the screen;
  • new side quests and activities after the end of the storyline;
  • the invasion still provides a lot of positive emotions and satisfaction.


The full version of the game is available: